Dig Deep

That's the motto, if you will, of Insanity.

This morning, I woke up with Charlie and took a shower, brushed my teeth, and settled in on the couch with Aussie [funny nickname]. After napping, I realized he was sleeping so I could and should get up and get my fitness on. Today's workout was Polymetrics Cardio Circuit. I'm not sure how long it is, but I did twenty minutes of it before I had to take a pause from it. I didn't eat any breakfast and it was hard to keep going with nothing in my stomach except tons of water and vitamins.

I fully intend on finishing this workout tonight. I couldn't finish it right away because Austin woke up and nursed and then was in such a playful mood, I just HAD to capitalize on it. I tried lying him on the couch by himself and putting him in his swing, but he wasn't having it. My mom and aunt suggested I just leave him in his swing and let him cry, but as AP parents I just can't do it. Now that the hubs is home [and I'm not going out to Seattle to see a jazz show like I had planned], I'll be able to squeeze in the rest of the workout.

One problem I AM having with the workouts is all the movement. I've always been large in the chest department but haven't had many issues with working out. But now, after pregnancy and with breastfeeding, I'm a size 38E and doing all of these jumps and runs has them all over the place. It's incredibly uncomfortable, but I modify the moves so I can support them. So now I'm in the market for a good, supportive bra to exercise in. Any suggestions?

Well, it's time to make dinner. Lat'

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  1. Moving Comfort brand is awesome. it has a real bra-type band, lots of support and full coverage. I found mine at Ross for $18 and they usually retail for $40. Even at that price, they're well worth it. I am a DD and have no problems jogging with them.


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