Wowee wow wow! They weren't kidding when they said this workout is INSANITY. It LITERALLY is insane. lol. in a good way, of course!

Charlie came home and we went to the track on post. I strapped on my almost 9lb infant and power-walked a mile in 19 minutes. I was desperate to get started on Insanity so we came home and moved furniture to get started. Just the warmup had me sweating so I knew I was in for a rude awakening! How it works is there's a whole book of dvds that you have to do according to the schedule. You start by assessing your current level of fitness and go from there. 60 days later [following the program], you should see some serious progress; not only in your physique but in your endurance and fitness levels. So we took before pictures and got to work!

On the agenda, doing the fit test to see where we were currently at. You have to do each of the 8 moves for one minute each, counting how many reps you're able to complete. Make sense? The moves are:

Switch Kicks [think kicking someone in the head, one foot at a time.]
Power Jacks [jumping jacks with a low squat]
Power Knees [think that sideways tae-bo move where you bring your knee up to your navel]
Power Jumps [jump up with high knees]
Globe Jumps [jumping in a square. side, back, side, front]
Suicide Jumps [think suicides with a jump at the end]
Push Up Jacks [do a push up and spread your legs out like a jumping jack in the down position]
and Low Plank Obliques [in plank position you bring your knee to your armpit]

WHEW. Keep in mind, we started this workout after already getting a good one in at the track. Oh, and I also did the warmup with the DVD, Charlie didn't. Here's our Day 1 Fit Test Results!

1. Switch Kicks
2. Power Jacks
3. Power Knees
4. Power Jumps
5.Globe Jumps
6. Suicide Jumps
7. Push Up Jacks
8. Low Plank Obliques

Not gonna lie, it felt good to do just one more LPO than Charlie did. lol especially since he's the one with the six-pack! In all honesty, I couldn't even finish the last four moves right away. I took a break and Charlie did the entire test. Seeing him "dig deep" and power through gave me the inspiration to keep going. That and a quick prayer to God to give me strength to not keel over! 

I have to say, I feel amazing! I'm incredibly sore, but I feel strong. I just can't wait to see where this dvd series and my body takes me over the next sixty days. I wonder just how many more reps I can do!

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