oh man. i'm sitting here sweating and stinking to the high heavens. i managed to get most of the dvd down..only fifteen minutes left to go...before i had to take a break. these dvds are centered around cardio and, surprsingly, that isn't my biggest hurdle to overcome. my biggest issues are with my feet and my knees. even modifying the moves to accomodate those two things don't help.

on the feet side of things, i suspect i'm flat footed. after doing the warmup again [roughly 10 minutes of cardio on steroids] we went into stretching and my feet were screaming. i took off my shoes because i thought they were too tight and tried stretching barefoot, but that made the pain even worse. i put the shoes back on and it didn't help at all. i'm going to look into getting some inserts to see if that helps. i know i needed some for work because standing for hours at a time killed my knees.

on the knee side, i already know i have little to no cartilage left in both knees. whenever i did cardio at the gym, i stayed away from the treadmill and stuck to the elliptical because of the hard impact. with these dvds, i'm constantly jumping and running and moving from side to side, thus putting a lot of pressure on my knees. the problem areas are my minisci [or miniscuses] and my patella. it's kind of hard to explain. but my patella doesn't move smoothly up and down like it should. it kinda wiggles as it moves up and down and with little support from the sides...yea..just a world of pain. i don't really know what to do about that, short of the surgery they wanted to give me a few years ago or doing physical therapy and taking a NSAID pain reliever.

in any case, i'll just take it slow. break when i need to and push through when i feel like i can. i've only got fifteen minutes left of the video. i hope to finish it tonight! well, little aus is awake and wanting to nurse so i'm gonna do that and then push through some push ups and sit ups when he goes back to sleep.

and i think lunch is calling my name...


  1. Sounds like chondromalasia which is what I have. Mainly in my right knee, but my left flares up a lot too. A physical therapist told me that you can get lubrication shots in your knees, but its only temporary. It lasts only about a month. But as the muscles surrounding your knee get stronger, they'll support and align the kneecap and take some pressure off.

    Stick with it! You can do it!

  2. Do you know if Tricare covers things like that? And how I'd go about getting it done...?


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