I'm soooo proud of myself!! I was fearful that I wouldn't follow through today, especially since we spent a good portion of the night at the house of one of Charlie's friends. They were practicing combative moves and he was giving Charlie some tips for his land nav tomorrow. [btw: Charlie's going out for Soldier of the Quarter] He got a 290 on his PT test so he wanted to treat himself and order our favorite veggie pizza from Dominos. [you've gotta try it!].  I indulged myself. Maybe I shouldn't have. :/

That probably helped push me to finish the dvd. It was only 15 minutes after all. Austin managed to stay asleep despite my picking him up and trying to feed him [I felt a bit engorged] so I popped in the dvd and picked up where I left off!Oh man it felt good to do it. My brain was screaming at me to stop, but I dug deep and kept going. Woo! I didn't finish the stretching at the end because Austin spit out his paci and went insane crying for food. lol

Then he got super fussy and wouldn't lay down at all! So I put on my Moby and walked around the house with him and even started writing some new songs! Since Charlie has to wake up at 2am, and it was about 12:30 at this point, I decided to stay awake. And here I am! I've cleaned the house and done some laundry. I'm going to start breakfast and wake the hubs up when it's time.

I think I'm getting the housewife thing down..lol

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