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so after watching private practice, going through pregnancy, watching others on tv, and just being passionate about it, i'm considering becoming a midwife or doula
so many moms desire going natural with their pregnancy and childbirth, but they let society and the doctors get in their heads and next thing you know they're induced for "too big of a baby" or getting an unnecesearean [sp?]. lol. i don't think it's the lack of desire for natural pregnancy/birth, i think it's more of a lack of knowledge. i'm surprised at how many moms DON'T do research regarding such a major event in their lives. and it kinda breaks my heart.
as a mom who was induced and had to change her birth plan, it's obvious i don't think mothers are BAD if they don't homebirth or go to a birthing center. i'd just like to see more mothers getting the natural birth they desire, WHEREVER they decide to go and under ever-changing circumstances. i mean, it would've been so easy in the moment to get that epi and it wouldn't have made me a horrible person..but i know i would've spent a lot of time beating myself up about it afterwards. i want mothers to know they have OPTIONS. and furthermore, make these options available to those who are facing some financial hardship or insurance issues. dealing with Tricare, I couldn't get a referral out to a midwife bc of their regulations. We also couldn't afford to go to a birthing center bc of the out of pocket costs. So it'd be such a joy for me to be able to help other mothers in similar situations!
secondly, i'm part of a breastfeeding group on here, and that's inspired me to want to be a lactation consultant. there's SOOO much about BF that people don't know. if i hadn't found the group before austin was born, i'm sure i'd be FF him by now just because of all the "advice" that i get from people. again, formula isn't BAD, it's just second-rate. would you rather have hamburger helper or a thick, juicy steak seasoned specifically for your tastes at that very moment?! lol..that's kind of how i look at breastmilk.
in any case..i'm just passionate about this whole topic. 


  1. that's when you switch to tricare standard and pay a copay - then go wherever the hell you want. like i did with my first two. lol

    kind of got stuck with a high risk doctor for my third. lol

  2. Your destiny is where your greatest passion and the world's greatest need meet.

    I dunno who said that, but its true. If you're passionate about something and you think God has given you the gift of teaching and instructing, then there is definitely a real need for midwives. Research it fully. Its not for the faint of heart.

    The minute you see a shoulder dystocia, or a uterine hemorrhage, or the baby comes out blue and not breathing, you have to be ready to ACT and not REACT. You have to be able to keep your cool with screaming mothers who are out of their minds because the pain wasn't what they were expecting.

    You have to be willing to go with the flow of the mother's needs/wants, but also give a lot of structure and assistance as she begs you for painkillers and you have to be firm.

    If you can do it, the world sure needs it. If you can maintain your passion through all the schooling and training, there is definitely a place for you out there. If you're at all interested in missions, they always need midwives in other countries.

  3. M- The only reason we didn't do the UC at home as planned was because I had preeclampsia. Totally sucked. BUT- I was able to keep it as natural as possible..thanks, in part, to reading about Trillian's birth!! LOL. I saw how you kept it as natural as possible given your high-risk status and I kept all of it in mind. Esp the parts about induction methods like cytotec!! lol

    V- I'm really interested in it. I feel so moved to educate and give people CHOICES where they didn't feel they had any! I've never really dealt with any trauma, but I have always been someone who thought and planned ahead for traumatic situations, so I wonder how I would react in those situations. I'm looking into it!


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