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Just had my six week post partum check up with the doc. Everything is fantastic, except they looked at my "labs" and said I'm a touch anemic and have proteins in my urine. The only reason this is weird is because I haven't had any labs done since before Austin was born. Hmmm. I've only seen/heard from this doc on three occasions. 1) when he called to tell me I was pregnant. 2)when I thought I had strep throat. and 3)today. So I'm just confused. Apparently I have to go in within the next two weeks to get some blood drawn and pee in a cup. *shrugs* oh well. I'm choosing to be positive about it.

The GREAT news is that I've lost 19lbs of my 25lb pregnancy weight gain. That's roughly 4lbs a week with little effort. [The link goes to a site about calories burned during breastfeeding]. Yes, I've been doing a little cardio each day and ab workouts and a few lunges here and there so that might have helped. The only eating habits I've changed have been not eating any fast food and trying to consume more water. We've also stopped buying so much junk food which helps as well.

Now that I know my weight I'm going to get serious with the Self Challenge. I entered in my stats and feel pretty positive about it. Now, in an effort to hold myself MORE accountable, I will enter my stats on my blog. FOR EVERYONE TO SEE!! [talk about nerve-wracking...]

My Current Stats:
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 166lbs
Waist: 30 in
Hips: 45 in
Thighs: L-26in R-25in
1 Mile Time: 12 min
Pant Size: 12

My Goal Stats:
Weight: 130lbs
Waist: 25in
Hips: 40in or less
Thighs: 20in or less
1 Mile Time: 9 min
Pant Size- 7 [or 9]

My goal weight is likely to fluctuate only because I'm not sure if 130 is my "happy weight" [Though this calculator says mine is 123.2..lol] My biggest goal is to feel comfortable in my clothes, have more endurance, and be a runner.

Oh, and the Insanity workout videos were supposed to be delivered today but we weren't home when the UPS guy came by. They'll be back tomorrow...yah!!


  1. I wouldn't worry about your blood draws/pee in a cup. You just had a baby and lost blood. Who wouldn't be anemic? Lol I'm sure everything will be fine.

    I didn't go to my 6 week appointment. When i went to my 2 week I waited an hour to be seen for 5 minutes. I'm carting around 3 kids here, so that was a waste of time for me. Had it been with my homebirth midwife, it probably would have been an hours visit or more (no waiting). lol

    I DO need to go get my blood drawn by the hematologist though. I had a blood clot during pregnancy. No fun.

  2. that's what the doc said too. i'm just wondering if he looked at the date those labs were done. i haven't had any since before giving birth. lol

    eeeeh blood clots. no bueno. they've got some kind of new policy where you're supposed to be seen within 15min of your scheduled time. so thankfully there wasn't a long wait.


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