I didn't wanna, but I did it.

I sooooo was not in the mood to run today. I mean, I was fighting it like no other. I started off with so much promise. Charlie was home on lunch from CLS and I told him that we needed to go before choir rehearsal otherwise I'd weasel my way out of going. We'd agreed on a set time of 5:30pm. Well, 5:11pm rolls around and he's napping on the couch [with the baby] and I'm watching tv just zoned out. Somehow, I kicked it into gear and we all loaded into the car and headed towards the track. There was a soccer game today so there were two teams warming up on the field and a handful of people watching the game and others just milling around the track doing their own thing. I don't like an audience when I'm working out, ESPECIALLY huffing and puffing around the track [in the leggings I was wearing, as well] so there was obstacle number one. Obstacle number two was the fact that Austin decided he was hungry as soon as we got there so I had to nurse him. You never know how long it'll be until he's satisfied [sometimes it's 10 minutes, other times it's an hour!] so I used THAT as an excuse. I was just not into it. But Charlie remained firm and said we weren't leaving until I ran my one lap around the track. After finally giving in, I went off and ran. I could feel my backside jiggling like no other, which was super embarrassing, but I just tightened my glutes and kept going! lol. I felt that familiar "I can't go on" feeling and almost started walking but I moved my "finish line" up ["I just need to make it ten more feet...I just need to make it to that line...I just need to make it 100 more yards..." etc] until I crossed the actual finish line. I even shaved off :08 seconds off my usual time. I wonder what my time could've been if I hadn't slowed up halfway through the lap.

The goal is consistent cardio. I love the elliptical, but I need to pound the pavement and run through the elements to really up the ante. Especially with the INSANITY workout dvds heading my direction. I really need to get working on my pushups!

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