I Really Should...

...get off the computer and go finish the cleaning and folding of clothes! we leave for texas on friday morning, but my aunts, cousin, and lil sis are coming into town tomorrow so i'm almost positive that i won't get ANYTHING done until super super late. i know i can sleep on the plane, but i've never flown with a baby on my lap so i'm sure that it won't be relaxing for me. lol

which reminds me, i have to go get austin's birth certificate to verify that he's under 2 years old. i mean, you can totally TELL...but i'd hate to get to the counter and they say i have to pay for a seat for him due to lack of age proof. ugh. i really hope i don't forget. our flight leaves at 6am.

not only do i need to finish putting our clothes together [my sis is bringing her super large suitcase for us, so assembly will finish tomorrow], i need to clean this house! charlie's friend, ryan, is coming to watch the dogs and his mom and brother are coming into town and staying here as well. so yeaaaa. lots to do and i'm procrastinating like there's no tomorrow [or i guess you could say, a million tomorrows. hehe]

welp...here i go.

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