soooo much to do, sooooo little time.

the family came to visit today and i'm glad to have them all sprawled out in random places around the house. it's fun. my two aunts, my sister, and two of my little cousins made the drive over. i've had a great time. not ONCE did i get irritated with them..that's saying something! lol

we leave for texas in under five hours. i've got the bags *semi* packed and the house WAS clean before people started dropping their things in random places around. but oh well. i'm going to do my best to straighten it all up before it's time to jet.

i've got about 30 minutes left in my "relaxation" time, but i'm not sure if i'm going to take advantage of it. i think i'm going to just run around the house s'more. which reminds me...i didn't work out today but i HAVE been running up and down the stairs over the last few hours, trying to make it as aerobic as possible..going up and down over and over rather than gathering things and making one big trip..ykwim? i can feel the buuuuuuurn!

life is grand. i can't wait for vacation. *sigh*

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