i'm only *slightly* annoyed...

the phrase, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." comes to mind right now.

honestly, i was trying to HELP. i thought i was being decent. imagine my surprise when that decency is misconstrued as negativity. i mean, i can see WHY one could take it that way. [darn the internet as the lack of tone of voice that comes with it] but really? i mean, REALLY? never have i felt like people who were "keeping it real" or being honest with me were being negative nancy's. and as someone who prides herself on being practical, logical, and honest...i don't like it when someone thinks i'm a negative nancy.


i guess i'll just keep my mouth shut and walk the other direction when presented with an opportunity to help.


  1. lol. when things tend to go down hill i say something like "i think there's a misunderstanding here. i didn't mean *such and such*... i just meant....(fill in the blank). but i'll take me leave now."
    then i don't reply any more. period. unless they stop being negative and start trying to remedy things *with* me. lol make sense?

    ahhhh the internet. makes for fun don't it?

  2. yea it sucks because when i WANT to be mean, you'll know, kwim? but when im just being helpful...ugh it sucks. im keeping my mouth shut. lol


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