no workout today, but i DID do a lot of moves on Just Dance..the game on the Wii while at Aubrey's house. it was fun. i sweated. there's some cardio. my arms and my calves are SCREAMING. so i know INSANITY is working. i plan on getting up early and getting some in while the chubster sleeps. hopefully he sleeps peacefully tomorrow.

and in other news...i washed my hair tonight and my curls are so beautiful. i just wish my hair was long enough to wear them all the time. but judging on how long it took me to comb them out and braid them so i could flat iron my hair in the morning, i'm contemplating going back to a relaxer. i used to be able to wash, rinse, repeat, and style in under 30 minutes. [of course, i'd just wrap my hair up under a scarf] but STILL.

what to do, what to do...

happy six weeks since your birthday austin! you're so adorable. i just love me some youuuuuu. daddy was having a hard time parenting you down to sleep, but i just left him alone and he was able to get you to conk out. i just knew he could do it!

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