no exercise and a blurb about food

i've realized that i don't blog when i'm not doing anything or when i'm scared of admitting that i'm not doing anything. for example... i haven't blogged since thursday. is it a coincidence that i haven't done any form of exercise since then? i think not. while i have been thrown off the exercise wagon, i have maintained my healthy eating regimen. honestly, lean cuisines have saved my life! lol. charlie and i aren't big lunch people. it's such a weird phenom. i mean, there are no real "rules" per se, but you can't really eat breakfast food and you can't whip up a serious meal like you do for dinner. in my mind, what else is there? burger and fries, tacos and burritos, salads and fries, etc...all code for fast food! but since we're not eating fast food...since i'm trying desperately to break the hold that it has on me...what else am i to do? i like lunch to be quick and satisfying...not too much effort. i don't like sandwiches very much and hardly ever crave a homemade salad...[maybe i am as picky as charlie says i am! lol]

enter lean cuisine! i like them because they're made by stouffers and the company prides itself on not using preservatives. i'm not a completely clean and green eater, but i'd like to think i'm not eating too many processed foods. my favorite is the alfredo pasta with chicken and broccoli. it's sooo good. i suppose i could make a batch of this every time for lunch with fresh ingredients..but i MUCH prefer the 5 minute wait over the latter. not only that, it's a great portion size. i transfer it to a plate and end up convincing myself that it was a larger portion that it really was. so with minimal effort, i'm keeping my calories in check and my portion sizes low. awesome.

and that's all i have for now. my plan is to hit the INSANE train at some point today before Charlie gets home. i promised him some QT time with his wife while baby naps so i need to get all of my things out of the way for the day. hopefully no one skypes me...lol

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