The day started out with so much promise! I was going to lounge around the house and get a few miscellaneous cleaning things done. Then once Charlie came home from CLS class, we were going to go to the track and get our fitness on, then hit up the grocery store because there is like ZERO food in the house. I was happy to get things done today.  Fast forward...it's nearly 8pm and I've gotten MY share of things done. Well, for the most part. The kitchen is cleaned and the dishwasher is chugging away. The living room is free of things that don't belong and clutter free. I set up the swing that my sister bought for little Austin, the dogs are inside and no longer barking at me to let them in [they spent all day inside], and the only thing out of place is the pile of laundry on the chair [i'm going to get to that at some point...].

What's the hold up? Eh, my wonderful husband. He's being his helpful self, except that helpfulness is being appreciated by other people. He's helping a friend move things into storage. I don't think we'll be hitting the  track today. I could go when he gets home, but who knows when that's going to be. Besides, running on an empty stomach is not productive. I'm sure I'll keel over within the first thirty seconds! Instead, I'm going to do my workout here at home. Today, I'll focus more on strength training.

And not being too much of a debbie downer when he comes in the door....

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