Little Aussie

It's been awhile since I've updated about my little bugsy boo. I guess that's what happens when I get fixated on one topic, like fitness! Currently he's at the 8 week mark. His 2month birthday is on Sunday. I just can't believe my little guy has grown so much. I never understood why moms say time passes too fast- it always went too slow for me! But now I get it. It feels as if I just pushed the little guy out!! At his last check up, he weighed in at 8lbs 13oz. A few days ago, we did the step-on-the-scale-then-hold-the-baby-and-subtract-for-the-difference test and he weighs roughly 11lbs!!! WOAH. My little chunk-a-lunk! lol

Developmentally, he's just doing great! He regularly gets tummy time since he hardly sleeps any other way. He can hold his head up and everything. It's super cute. He likes to talk to us, mostly daddy though. It's so cute. His smiles are coming more frequently too. If you talk to him and smile widely, he'll imitate what you'll do. SOOOO cute.

Everything about him I just LOVE. I'm still super creepy and spend a lot of time just staring at him. I'm completely and totally in love with the bugsy. And he's got me wrapped around his little fingah! And I'll leave you with a cute picture of the bugsy boo.

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