From the time we booked our flights to Texas, my MIL declared that April 10th would be her day. We weren't to make ANY plans for that day. When we arrived, she showed us the cute outfit she'd purchased for the sweet babe to wear. Sadly, it was too big. [She bought a 3-6mo size, A is barely out of newborn sizes] We woke up yesterday morning to a house smelling of cleaning solution [she cleans on Saturday mornings] and loud R&B music from the 90s. We were told to get dressed and get ready for a day out. She wouldn't let me in on too many details, but based on what she did tell me, I assumed we'd be going downtown and spending the day outside. She inspected every detail of what we were wearing and how we looked, and even made sure I brought the Moby so that we didn't have to push the stroller around. Finally after a bunch of running around, we got into the car and headed over to her friend's house to pick her up. 

As we pulled up, I noticed the many cars parked alongside the road but just assumed it was normal. When we got out of the car, I wanted to stop and get a few family shots since it was a beautiful day.

take one [FAIL]

THERE we go. [and babe is yawning...sweeeet]

and one with the MIL
 [ignore the grease stain...blegh]

The second shot was taken by my MIL's next door neighbor, to my surprise. I saw her walk up and grab the camera and thought, "oh cool..everyone's going downtown with us today. schweeet." o.O Another car pulls up in the street and the lady jokingly says, "Oh, I'll just drop the present off and leave." Again, I think.."hmm. That's weird that she has a present. *shrugs*" I just assumed she bought one for Austin since no one down here had met him and we were getting presents nonstop since he was born. No biggie. I had planned on leaving the diaper bag in the car since we were "just stopping in for a second", but MIL insisted. We went up to the front door and....


Now you would think with all of the clues I had just walking up to the door I'd figure it out!! Not only those clues, but this whole week there have been instances where things didn't quite add up right. For example: My MIL gets off work at 5pm, but the day we asked her to meet us for dinner, she said she was off at 5:30 [Really she was paying for the cake]. The day of the party she left to go to the bank and get some gas but was gone for almost 3 hours [She was setting up things for the party]. Her phone kept ringing throughout the day and she told us to forward all house calls to her cell phone [She was giving directions to party guests]. All week she had been asking us random questions about our favorite kind of cake and our favorite NFL football team and what size clothes Austin wears and such [Guests were wondering what gifts to buy]. Honestly, I was COMPLETELY in the dark. Even Charlie knew but somehow didn't spill the secret!

It was such a nice surprise! I couldn't believe they were able to keep it a secret. There were TONS of people there. Austin is a much loved baby. We received soooooooo many gifts that we actually NEED..including over $300 in gift cards/cash for baby. And even a $50 card for mom/dad to use as a wedding gift! How nice!! This is Austin's 3rd baby shower and he gets another one when we get home from our church family. I can't even explain how much fun it was. So I'll hope that pictures can do the talking....

this cake was FANTASTIC. we devoured it. 
and plan to order a smaller version sometime this week..lol

playing one of the games

A and his "Grandma Lady"

Dallas Cowboys footie pjs!!

DC fleece tie blanket!!

He didn't know what to make of it, but he'll love it in due time!

some of the moola we received!

This book is the secret weapon of supermoms...I'll blog about it soon!

soo surprised and soo happy. thanks MIL!!

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  1. you guys look too flippin cute together! yay for surprises!!


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