My Secret Weapon

Batman had the batmobile. Wonder Woman had her cape. Superman had his strength. Spider man had his "spidey sense". And now, I have "The Moms' Book"!

At my surprise baby shower yesterday thrown by my fabulous MIL, I received a book entitled, "The Moms' Book: for the mom who's best at everything". It's filled with essential "tricks of the trade" passed on from different SUPERmoms. Resulting in a hilarious handbook that is full of actual wisdom and wit guaranteed to make you laugh and help you out. As a new mom, this kind of thing is like a Bible to me. lol. Granted, you can't actually find a book out there that can teach you step-by-step how to raise your kid. There are parenting styles that you can gravitate to that have certain principles to help you along the way, but nothing concrete. Personally, we've chosen Attachment Parenting. I love it because the heart of it matches my own personal beliefs as a mom and it's super flexible. There isn't a rigid plan to follow and that works perfectly with our family. I encourage all parents, pro and newbie, to check it out. I believe in making choices that work for you and your family. No parenting style is wrong, it's just different!! :D

Well enough about that...

I'm going to post a chapter each day [or whenever I get around to it] to share with everyone. It's really funny. Some stuff doesn't apply quite yet, but I'll be sure to hang onto it for future reference!


Nobody knows how to do everything quite as well as a mom does. From nursing scraped knees to mending broken hearts, it's Mom who has a practical solution for every crisis while always keeping her head.

Who else could spend all day working, cleaning, and shopping and still show up on time after school, with a smile and a welcoming hug, wearing the hottest new fashion? Who else can juggle career commitments while fulfilling the demands of a busy home life and still have time to organize playdates and birthday parties?

Nothing fazes the mom who's best at everything. If there are six more kids than expected for dinner, she'll whip up a wonderful meal in minutes. If the children have left a mess all over the stairs, she'll do a "quick" steam-clean without smudging her makeup or getting a hair out of place. And she never loses her temper. Her house is always cozy and welcoming, and when the children come home from school, they are fed healthy, nutritious snacks that they actually like!

But, perfect as you are, every mom occasionally needs a helping hand. Here youcan learn how to throw the perfect party, spend fun-packed afternoons with your kids, and, best of all, make the most of your child-free time.

Share some stories about great moms, pushy moms, and downright awful moms, and celebrate the multifaceted existence that we call motherhood. 

Finally, just remember that to your own kids, you will always be the mom who's best at everything.

"A mother's job is to be there when her children need her, but to bring them up so that they don't."
- Author unknown

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