Boo to you, Cellulite!

What is the best way to get rid of cellulite? Today we went shopping at Target and I saw the cutest bathing suit for my new mom-bod. [no that's not MY reality, but a cool site regardless...] It was a purple one-piece. It would be the first one piece I'd worn since my childhood days. It didn't scream "I HAD A KID AND I'M COVERING UP" so I really liked it. I tried it on under the harsh fluorescents and decided that instead of buying it and having it taunt me in the closet, I'll wait until I reach my body goals and then treat myself to it.

But one thing I did notice was a decent amount of cellulite. I almost screamed when I turned and saw the lumps creeping down the back of my thighs. Yeesh. Not fun. So how do I get rid of it? I know there are creams and treatments that claim to banish the lumps, but do they really work? Is diet and exercise the only surefire way to get rid of it?

I'm interested. There's a reason I haven't worn shorts in over 5 years.


  1. pretty sure you just have to burn it off via cardio and reduced calorie intake. its just like any other fat. sorry :-(

    all those creams do is plump up the outer skin, slightly diminishing the cellulite appearance. its like smoothing a layer of spackle over a dent in your car.

    better to fix the dent in the first place.


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