To Bumbo or Not To Bumbo..that's the question...

I've seen these around a few of the blogs I read and am getting more interested in them. What do y'all think of Bumbos?

They're pretty adorable and I can only assume Austin will look fantastic in them. I guess it's for  little ones that can't sit up on their own. I wonder if there are any damaging effects to using them. Like poor lower body function, back issues...etc. I think I'm just being overly cautious. lol

In any case, pending good reviews and such..Austin might be getting his own little Bumbo soon...


  1. kiranda! I love my bumbo...LOVE LOVE IT! He likes to look around and it's perfect for that. Also, it stregthens their tummy muscles so they can sit up on their own...and i feed him in that...perfect pre-high chair. I def recommend it! use it tons during the day!!

  2. SWEET! he's really good at holding up his head so i bet he'll be amazing in it!

  3. LOVE IT. i would think it helps them learn to sit up. of course a decrease in lower body function would depend on how much time they spend in it per day?? everything with moderation.

    you can get a tray for it too. trillian likes hers already.


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