Bugsy Boo...

In less than a week, Aus will be 3 months old! OMG. where has the time gone? [i know i keep saying that, but it's true...]

He's doing so much lately. I'm amazed every single day. Today, for example, he LAUGHED. I mean, not just cooing and smiling like he always does..this kid actually LAUGHED out loud. It was so adorable! I got him to do it again, but when I whipped out the camera [cause what new ma doesn't keep one stashed on her at all times?], his eyes darted over to it and wouldn't look away. I should've snapped that picture. It was laugh worthy.

Speaking of laugh-worthy...check out my little turtle monster...

cute, right?!

He's been doing this "suck-in-his-lips" thing over the last few days. I don't know why...maybe more of his obsession with sucking.  This is the same kid who sucked on his umbilical cord, his hand, his foot and has had NO problem nursing. lol My little bugs..

He also got his Bumbo!! We LOVE it! It's so cute. He sits in it for all of five minutes before he starts grunting to be picked up, but I'm sure he'll love it more and more as the weeks pass. He's never quite sure of himself when he's in it. It's like he doesn't know what to make of it yet. I can't wait for him to start eating solids so I can feed him in it.

His godmother brought him a bouncer for when he's a little older, but I couldn't resist.

heh heh...

And lastly, who doesn't love a BumGenius???

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