Thankful Thursdays

1. my sweet, sweet babe. especially when he's super clingy and i've had a long, tiring day.

2.  my ninja-like barista skills. especially during long days with coworkers who steal.

3. my townhome in hillside. despite being super ghetto.

4. skype. so i don't have to actually be around  *ahem* travel to see my family.

5. "Welcome to Mommyhood" blog. even though NO ONE reads it. yet...

6. the beautiful friends who put up with random texts and phone calls at anytime of day or night...i lub you girlzzzzzz.

7. DVR. you save my marriage.

8. the food in my fridge. the clothes in my closet. the bed in my room. the blessings i may take advantage of without realizing it.

9. my puppy dogs. even though you're weird and don't understand that you're not allowed on the couch!

And last, but certainly not least...

10. ♥ & hearts; the love of my soldier. ♥ ♥

what are YOU thankful for today?

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