One, Two...oh wow you're Three Months Old

Mister Mister Mister! I can't believe it. You are officially a three month old!  And way to go mommerz for getting pictures and blogs posted on your actual three month birthday! Again, I marvel at how amazing you are. My life is so much more complete with you in it. In true creepy mom fashion, I'm still amazed at how you grew inside me and made it out into this world, so perfect. My little perfect bundle of joy.

People still stop and 'ooh' and 'ahh' over you. Just today, for example, I had an entire line of ladies stop and comment on how cute you are in the grocery store. Then, at the ATM, a lady stopped as she was passing us and immediately went into 'babytalk' mode. I can't help but smile. You're still really small so people comment on you being 'new'. I don't know how long you'll be considered new, but it's been three months now. You're just a tiny little fella, that's all.

At your last checkup [which was really an emergency appointment because mom was freaking out over how little you poop nowadays], you weighed a whopping eleven pounds and some change! WOWEE. That puts you in the 27th percentile for your age. I'd say that's a big jump from being in the 3rd percentile at birth. you GO boy. Doubling your weight and all..yayer. You FEEL heavier. You LOOK chunkier. I'm just proud of you and my boobies..go breastmilks. [Oh, and the issue with the butt? You're just actually using all of the milk and because of that, there's no waste. Way to go chub.]  Nursing is still our favorite past time as mother and son. With me being back at work I nurse you before I leave, pump 2 or 3 times at work, and nurse as soon as I get home. I haven't been able to store up a ton of milk ahead of time so that makes for stressful times whenever there isn't enough, but we've been successful so far. 

Recent newsflash: I'm going to be a SAHMommy. So I'll be able to hang out with you more often. More on that later!

You're still a rebel and sleep on your stomach. There's no getting around it. You'll fall asleep on your back at times in your swing or carseat or even my arms, but if we try to lay you down- OH NO! You're up and screaming within minutes. 

You still hold your head up! Now your arms and legs are getting into it so you look like you're doing a mini baby pushup. It's cute. I anticipate scooting relatively soon. You're almost flying off the couch....[Your mom's a ninja, by the way.] You also love your new bumbo. We love it too! Who wouldn't love being able to sit with your kid at the table rather than have him in your lap! It makes eating steak soooo much easier! Sometimes you slump over, but you've mastered holding up that noggin and are trying every day to sit up on your own.

Conversations with you have gotten MUCH more interesting. Daddy isn't the only one who gets to hear all about your day. You'll pretty much talk to anyone as long as they hold your attention. You make the cutest, most inventive sounds and sometimes it even feels like you're responding to the questions we ask. You're much more curious about the people you're around. You look directly at their face, then focus on their features, then [usually] crack the biggest toothless grin ever...practically melting anyone's heart.

You are a full-time cloth babe. Every now and then when someone else is watching you, we'll pack some 'sposies for their peace of mind, but I'm hoping to do away with them completely. You stop crying [most of the time] during dipe changes when I lay your bum on some cloth. And besides you look farking fab in them. And speaking of fashion, you can officially fit in 0-3 months clothes! Go you! You have so many clothes, I've literally only done ONE load of laundry since you were born [unless you count your cloth diapers]. I think we're starting to run low so it's time to do some more!

That's pretty much it my love. You surprise us daily with all that you're able to do. I can't wait to see you do more!

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