where in the world is carmen sandiego?

anyone else remember this show? i didn't learn a thing from it, unless you count a wicked cool theme song, but i always watched in earnest. i thought it was more like "where's waldo". anyway, this post has absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned educational series and everything to do with why i've been MIA lately.

no it's not that i don't love blogging anymore and have picked up some other super cool hobby, like puzzles or something. no it's not that i think i'm super cool and blogging is for losers. no, it's not as if i have nothing to say. no, friends, it's that i'm so farking busy these days that i only get a few spare times to do anything. and of course- what do i do? i sleep. or i veg out. i have actually sat in front of the computer with every intention to get things done and posted, but something either happens or i just give up before i get started. catching up after a week or two is hard work, don'tcha know?

well i'm back. there are some new things, some old things, and some things no one is interested in, i'm sure.  i'm trying to navigate his world of mommyhood / blogging gracefully...

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