Two Weeks of Will Power

I'm the worst person when it comes to follow-through on a lot of goals. My biggest ones being diet and exercising. I'll tell myself [and others] that I was to do [insert activity or goal] for [insert number of days, weeks, or months] period of time and more than likely after a few days, I'll give up. So you can understand my hesitation when it comes to announcing my new plan to get in shape.

I've been checking out the C25K plan for some time now. I'm not a runner, but I made a deal with the devil to try. With the first plan I wasn't seeing too much progress, but with this one I can feel my endurance building up. I have friends who've tried, completed, and succeeded at this Couch-To-Five-K Running Plan, so why not? I started and have finished two weeks worth of running. Tomorrow is the start of Week 3 for me and I'm excited. I still have and love INSANITY, but I'm going to challenge myself once my endurance is back up. Spraining my ankle really put me behind and it's still healing so I don't want to aggravate it.

I'm also trying to severely limit my sugar and fat and all things junk intake for the next two weeks. So far so good. I'm replacing all food cravings [minus the legit ones. ie: b-fast, lunch, dinner, a couple of snacks] with large glasses of water.  I've got to go to the IO Jazz Awards on the 31st and I want to look and feel good in my skin!

Two weeks of Will Power my friends. I CAN DO IT!

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