Weekend Recap

To follow up my last post, I managed to make it through the day. In fact, I even left early! The afternoon crew showed up at noon and were training a new girl so I called the boss and asked if I could make the bank run [for change] and then leave. Our coffee shop is small so having four people there leaves little work for everyone to do. You only need two at most anyway. Besides, splitting two hours worth of tips four ways doesn't do anything good for anyone's pocketbook! I managed to get home at two rather than leave the store at two. YAY! My little bugger, of course, was fine. He had just started fussing when I pulled up so it was nice to soothe him first thing through the door.

I've had a great weekend so far! Unfortunately, it's ending today. Later on Friday night, my sister came into town to babysit the babe and spend time with him. She's moving to the east coast to go to Howard University. SOOOO proud of her! She's gonna miss her nephew so we're working on getting as much time together as possible. I left some milk and went out with the Army gals. We had dinner at Claimjumper. It was awesome! Then after dinner, I picked up my cousin, Raufu [raw-oooh-fuh], who lives in Federal Way, and brought him over to the house. Charlie, my sister-Kirisha, her friend-Ashley, Raufu and I proceeded to have a few drinks and just chill. 

Despite the fact that my cousin lives about 30 minutes away, I don't see him often! Totally our own doing- I'm just not good with making plans with people I don't see regularly. We've both been in Seattle for 5 years and the first time we saw each other on this side of the mountain was right after Austin was born.  The second was this weekend! Well I know him and Charlie get along great so we'll get together more often!

Saturday was our football game against the Ravens! The Renton Ravens dominated the league last year and went to Vegas for the championship game, so they were the team to beat! We WON! 36-20...it was such a great game! We even had some of our rival cheer squads coming to check us out. It was a great game! I didn't cheer last year because I was pregnant, and the year prior I quit midseason because the guy I was into quit too. You know, showing support. So today my body is super sore from the workout!

Tomorrow I'm starting over with Insanity. My injury derailed my progress so it's only fitting to re-start over. I'm hoping to participate in the 5k Mud Run in July going on here at Fort Lewis so I have a goal in sight. Let's see if I can do it! 

That's all for now folks. I'm going to get dressed and get a manicure. Mama needs some pampering. 

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