First Day...

First day of work where Austin isn't being watched by his Dad. Instead, his Aunty Sarah is coming over. I'm so nervous. Sarah has two kids so she's been around the block.. I just worry about my baby being a hassle for anyone else other than us. He's a pretty chill dude, but he can be a terror. And I think I'm just all around nervous because no one can love my baby as much as I can...


let the nail biting commence...


  1. aw! completely normal.

    i was always hesitant that my babies would be okay in someone else's hands if i was gone for more than 2 hours.

    Then I ended up in the hospital and they were in someone else's care for 5 days! then again for trillian's birth and I was gone for another 5 days. they missed me, but everything was perfectly fine. i probably missed them more. i didn't sleep well without them in the room.

  2. i commented on this and it never went through. ugh!


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