When Do You Question?

Like the true Mother of the Year I am, I've been putting Austin's two month well-baby check up on the back burner. I keep attempting to schedule it, only to put it off. Why, you ask? Heh...it's because of those damn vaccines! I am so not in the mood to fight doctor after doctor on this. I've already posted about the choices we've made on this issue.

When Austin was born, I was confronted by two different doctors and a whole mess of nurses who felt it was their right to tell me [the new mother] how horrid I was for not giving him shots and eye gloob. They tried to scare me into doing it by spouting off facts and other mumbo jumbo. But what they didn't know is that I'd done my own research and wasn't scared by the big words they'd used. I was fully aware of the risks and benefits of each decision and stuck to my guns. They had the head honcho pediatrician come in to warn me and I signed off saying that I rejected their stuff.

I didn't like having to fight when I was emotionally and physically compromised. I mean  *waves* "HELLO! Just had a kid here!! Can I have a team of people to back ME up?" [well, I DID! go hubs, ma, and bestie!]  I feel that it's probably going to be a fight again for what we've decided. I just don't want to go it alone. *le sigh* 

Just to recap:
We're refusing the following vaccines outright: Hepatitis B, Diptheria,  Pneumococcal, Polio, Influenza, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, and Hepatitis A.

We're considering: Rotavirus, Meningococcal

We're going through with: Tetanus, Pertussis, and Haemophilus influenzae type b [Hib]

I'm currently searching for a delayed schedule that I'm comfortable with. I'll update later on that...

The point is...so many of my friends and other people that I come across don't question their doctors. I've encountered so many "you should do this" and "you need to do this" and even "you HAVE to do this" and I know others have, yet I seem to be one of the few who comes back with "WHY?" I don't TRY to be difficult, I suppose I just am. In my opinion, why wouldn't you ask? These are major events in your life so why not arm yourself with as much research and information as possible? *shrugs*

I'm getting off my soapbox now. I've gotta get the chub ready for a doc appointment. His butt is having issues again...

pee dot ess. Can you believe the lady taking my info yesterday at my follow up appointment  for my ankle didn't know what fenugreek was? idk....


  1. **high five**
    uhhhhh yeah.

    i stopped vaccines on my eldest when he regressed from having words, to having no words and needing speech therapy.

    Delaying with him, led to delaying with Willem.. and now with trillian. Well, she had vit k and that's about it. =)

  2. I took Christian to all his appointments. I got him all his vaxs until around 15 months when I started to research. So he's going on 3 and only vaxxed to 15 months. LOL but he's not in daycare, and doesn't spend large amounts of time with other kids. So whatever. He hasn't had anything worse than a cold, and he's happy and healthy.

    With Micah? Well lets just say that he's never seen a needle and has yet to see the dr. He's hitting all his milestones, is a chubby booby baby, and is as healthy as a horse. The joy of baby #2 is that you know what you're doing. I dont need a dr. to tell me what I already know. What a relief.

    B/C Austin is your first, its totally understandable that you want that verification that everything is good to go. And its awesome that you stand your ground!

  3. thanks ladies! i want to forego all vaxes altogether, but i don't think dad would appreciate that and i'm not sure if i'll be 100% comfy yet either. it's so easy to just NOT take him in, especially when there's nothing wrong with him. but i imagine further on down the line he MIGHT go to daycare [highly doubtful] and i want him protected against things that my good ole mama milk and good hygiene can't do on its own

  4. *cough* sidenote, most people have no idea what fenugreek it. That's because most people have a lackluster amount of breastfeeding education, sadly.


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