A Great Article for People Offended by Nursing Mothers

I'm a big NIPer. Meaning, you'll find me frequently nursing my son in public. We pretty much nurse on demand here and a lot of times my chubba gets hungry when we're out.  He likes to eat,  I like to nurse. I got this super cute Udder Cover for free back when I was pregnant. I was super excited to use it. I remember the first time I nursed him in public. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time! lol Over at Cafemom, they were talking up nursing sans cover. I was like, "HEY WHAT?! That's weird!" I figured it's all good for mommas with small tatas, but not for gals like me who are "blessed" with large bazungs [as my husband so lovingly calls them...]

Well one day, Austin was screaming and mama couldn't get the cover out fast enough. I think it was in the car or something. What's a girl to do? I'd been wearing a tank underneath my shirts anyway just like the NIP mom's do, so I went for it. I pulled out the boob and plopped it in the kid's mouth. He stopped screaming, I readjusted my shirt so it covered any excess areola and GASP! SHOCK! SURPRISE! No one even cared to notice. I looked like I was holding my baby. I've done it several times since then and have yet to have anyone say anything negative to me. In fact, the only people to say anything to me have been the people I'm with. lol

Here's a great article for ANYONE who's offended by nursing mamas. Enjoy.

PSST- I love ANYONE who nurses. Whether you cover up or don't, that's your prerogative. There are times when I will cover up and times I won't, but I guage my OWN comfort level..not anyone else's. Because like the article says, you were born with a neck..use it and look away. :D

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