Wednesday Weigh-Ins

Going along with McFatty Mondays, there'll be a mid-week weigh-in. Remember when I said I was super happy to be out of the 170s? Welp.

Today's Numbah on the Scale! 168.4

Did you know that a pair of jeans and a cotton tee actually DO weigh two pounds? lol. That's craziness.

How Do You Feel About Your Weight?
I feel some slight amount of accomplishment. I'm out of the 170s and officially weigh less than my hubs. He's sitting pretty at 171.0 [well, he was as of the last time he stepped on the scale] I also feel good about my progress. This is the kind of motivation a girl needs.

How Do You Feel In Your Clothes?
I wear my maternity jeans/pants to work since I don't own any black jeans/pants that fit yet. I do have those one jeans but they create severe muffin top. In the maternity wear I feel great because everything hangs low and I'm constantly having to readjust. lol In my normal wear, my jeans are just a tad tight straight from the dryer but after one wear they are super baggy. I'm still trying to not go out and buy new bottoms because that's my target area for weight loss.

Until next time...

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