McFatty Monday

McFatty Monday comes roughly 12 minutes early this week...

I was a lot better this week. No, I didn't go every single day or even a good amount of days. But I jumped back on the fitness bandwagon. It was friggin HARD I tell ya! We live on post so the gym is literally less than 5 minutes in the car, but it feels like so far away when it's gloomy. And living in the PNW...gloom is the forecast a lot. [but i don't mind...for the most part]

I managed to get in a run on Friday night. It was good. I'm not back on the C25K Plan yet, but I'm using the same principles. I ended at week 3 so I'm trying to run for longer stretches. I didn't do anything really fitness-wise on Saturday, but was determined to NOT let Sunday be a day of rest. I went and walked half a mile and ran the other half a mile. I also did some weight training for my lower body.

I've decided on the run end of things to try and focus on distance now, rather than times...unless I'm doing a specific workout on the C25K plan. I can get the timing down, but I'm not a good distance runner. Eek. Just the thought of running more than a mile is mind-blowing. But I want to be a runner, right? Grrr. Darn that ambition of mine....

I'm hoping to see results from my efforts this week on my wednesday weigh-in....*crosses fingers*

I HAVE, however, noticed that I wore a size 6 dress to church today. AND...it wasn't an A-line dress. It was more fitted. This is nice since the last dress bought was a size 9. :D

Until next time...


  1. Hi there! I just found you on Bloggy Moms and wanted to say hello. I'm just getting back in to running too (although it's after 20 months since last baby born... so don't get too down on yourself - you're a rock star for getting in to it again so soon! :)

    Looking forward to getting to know you and following you here on your site!


  2. Thanks Laurie!! I found and LOVE your blog!!! I'm a new subscriber as well!!!!! Thanks for the tips..lets do this running thing, shall we?!


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