Nap Time Agendas

What do you do during nap time?

Gosh...before Austin was born, I was always nodding my head along when people would advise me to get rest while the baby rested. Yes, I'd nod along...but I didn't agree. I was going to break the mold. I was going to start a trend. No sir..my house would NOT be put on the back burner to my so-called "sanity". Uh uh..not me. Nope. When Austin slept, I'd power clean the house. I'd get the laundry done. I'd take a shower and do my hair. I was determined to be super mom regardless of what other people said.


Yea...that lasted all of 24 hours. It didn't even make it past the hospital. By the 2nd morning after he was born, I was trying to organize the hospital room, take a shower, clean up...I think I actually even attempted to curl my hair and put makeup on. HA! Eventually, I sucked it up and laid down to sleep comfortably. Was I the only one who LOVED her hospital bed?  When we went home..my happy butt STAYED in my nightgown [I did change my underwear] and slept with my baby. It didn't take long, but I got my act together.

Nowadays during nap time, I either blog, clean, watch tv, or nap. One of the four but it's always happening. I'm still a bit OCD about the house being clean, but I'm trying to let more things go. I also try and get "ready" for my hubs! I'm trying to break the mom-rut and get more wifey for him..lol more on that later for sure.

So what do you do during nap times at your house?

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