oh yah yah yah.

excuse the hot mess behind the awesome-ness.

I got my IPhone yesterday. Yea..it's sweet. I'm pretty much in serious like. ♥ I can literally play with it all day!! I even learned how to swag on there!!

In other news, I might've found my dream Master's program! I saw an ad on fb last night and sent off for info. They called today and gave me the rundown. With my current GPA [3.24], I'm already a great candidate for the program as well as scholarships. I'm going to shoot for a 3.5 GPA by graduation [May '11] which will put me in an even better position to get MORE scholarships, such as the Dean's Scholarship!! heck yes, friends. I'm excited. It would be great. Not only can I get my Master's, I'd get my teaching certification all in about a year! Doesn't that sound great! I can start as early as mid-May during their summer program! yayerrrrrrrrrr.

And my SAHMommyness will be starting soon. As happy as I am to be with my lil' chub, I'm scared about the financial toll it'll take on our family. Any suggestions for increasing our income while I stay at home?

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