McFatty Monday

I've decided to jump on the bandwagon! Thanks to Blair over at "Heir to Blair", I'm going to do a weekly McFatty Monday series detailing my fitness & weight loss efforts. Rather than focus solely on it, like I've BEEN doing...it will be a once weekly type deal. Woot. You may get pictures. You may see successes or failures. You may groan in agony every time it comes up. But I WILL conquer this goal. [I just HAVE to.]

After the last fitness post, I realized that I dropped 5lbs in the two weeks! awesome. I forgot to step on the scale this morning, but tonight I did and I'm up 2lbs. I'm a firm believer that you put on weight during the day that actually doesn't count, so I think tomorrow morning I'll be down at least one of those two el bees.

I've been totally slacking on the fitness front. There has been ZERO gym effort from me lately. I had all week off and I pretty much spent it on my back, noshing and watching Arrested Development on Netflix for Wii. hehe. I ate pretty healthy though so that makes me feel better. Speaking of which..

A running fool totally gave me new insight this past week. Rather than fret over what I'm eating each day, I'll focus on my intake over the course of a week. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense but that's not what all the dieting and nutrition tips make you think! I am a changed woman. I'm also not going to beat myself up over indulging anymore. As long as most of my diet is healthy [like it's been], indulgences keep me sane!

Tomorrow is a new day, friends. Well..more like Wednesday...work is kicking my butt lately.

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