Thankful Thursdays

10. Life experiences. 

9. New friendships that feel lifetime's old in a short amount of time.

8. Nite Lite Restaurant and Lounge. Even though it's pretty shady looking on the outside, it's a lot of fun. Especially when unexpected company shows up and makes your night. But make sure you get your call before their last call at 1:45am. If not, they'll practically ignore you while you shout over their too-loud music for service. And make sure you slurp that baby quick because at 1:50, they'll start reminding you every minute on the minute that they're closing down at 2am. Despite it all, I still love it there.

7. Crispy and Crunchy moms on facebook. They make caring naturally for my baby so much easier.

6. need i say more?

5. Budlight. It may be "piss water", but it's MY piss water! 

4. Dick's Burger. *drool*

3. Semi-Cool Parents. Especially when they're going into your old laptop's hard drive and recovering EVERY. FILE. EVER. PLACED. ON IT. You know teenage angst-driven poetry, word documents about stalking and hacking into old boyfriend's phone records, naked or semi-naked pics, and steamy excerpts from your romance novel.

4. The hubs. for. sure.

3. Fiber. Even if I don't get enough during the day making poo-time a bit rough.

2. The fact that blogger saves drafts of your posts automatically. Especially when idiot Kiranda pulls the plug from the laptop and the battery is too fried to operate without being attached to the wall, thus resulting in the darn thing dying within 2 seconds and your half finished post potentially gone. Thx Blogger!

and last but certainly not least...

1. My prayer warriors from LCCC. Thanks for your quick response and willingness to pray for an acquaintance of ours when he was at the lowest of lows. I truly believe it was these prayers that spared him from making a decision that would've rocked his family and friends. 

what are YOU thankful for today?

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