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Think back to this post. My goal was to have a significant amount of weight loss after two weeks of keeping it together. I started this two week goal exactly fourteen days ago tomorrow. I had one week of strict dieting and exercising...absolutely no indulgences. But this second set of seven days hasn't been so easy. There was the quick trip to Portland where I had little control over my options and actually ended up accidentally starving myself for awhile there. Then, in true junk food addict form, once I'd tasted the junk I craved more junk and ended up indulging more. 

When I started out, I was weighing in at 173.4lbs. yeesh! Fast forward a few days and I'd dropped a few el bees to get to 171.0lbs. yah! At the next weigh-in, I was 175.4lbs omHECK! And as of yesterday, the morning of the  IO's, I weighed in at 170.4lbs. I probably shouldn't have stepped on the scale this morning, but I did. And I was at 169.2lbs. My dear hubs says the last 1.2lbs lost is just water weight, but I say HUSH! DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE!!!

In my crazy mind, I am officially out of the 170s. lol. But if I know me, I'll over indulge on our family tradition of veggie pizza on grocery shopping days [recognized and put into official effect as of today] and end up being 175 again tomorrow. lol

But for today!! I am celebrating! And what's a post without pictures? We went to the IOs yesterday.

It was a great time. Hopefully next year I'll be nominated? Whaddaya thank? lol

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  1. unless you consume 17,500 calories tonight (or roughly 25 big macs with cheese) there is no way you can gain 5 actual lbs by tomorrow. Any weight gain you see tomorrow would be water. Technically you could over-indulge by 500 calories and that is still only 1/7th of a pound.

    great job breaking into the 160s!! that definitely is cause for celebration!


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