New York Times Bestseller?

I've always loved reading. Give me a good novel, a steaming hot bubble bath and LEAVE. ME. BE. There's just something about taking off from this world and being thrust head first into another one. It's my personal escape. It makes me feel good. I never want to stop.

When I was thirteen, I started writing a novel. Yes, a romance novel. You can judge and call me cheesy mccheddarpants if you'd like, but I like a good, sappy romance novel. Not the ones with Fabio the fabulous on the cover, but contemporary novels set in today's time. Basically, anything that could potentially happen right now. I was so devoted to writing. When I wasn't outside playing or singing with my friends, I was down in my room holed up in front of the computer typing away.

I had this goal of finishing my novel by the time I turned 21. Sadly, my computer battery died and I never had the money to replace it. And of course, out of sight means out of mind. It's no surprise that it's never been finished.

Until now, that is...

I'm working on finishing that novel. I'm also working on getting another book started. The second one is all about my adventures as a barista in Seattle. It'll have different stories and quote un-quote rules of the cafe. I predict this to be a bestseller, ESPECIALLY here in coffee central.
First stop completed book. Second stop NYTimes Best Seller List? I think so...

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