Thankful Thursdays

10. The mommy bloggers I follow on blogger. You are my mom-friends...even if you don't know it.

9.  My hubs... 

for mock wedding pictures and his sense of humor. 

8.  Sprout TV...for those fifteen minute intervals where my sweet babe wants to watch the box.

7. My job..for $$$.

6. My besties Lauren and Maggie..for loving my baby as if he were REALLY their nephew. and who says he isn't!

5.  For the many toys that are taking over my house. It reminds me that the babe is growing up!

4. For fresh fruit and warm summer days.

3. For my new IPhone. It may not be the newest edition, but it's perfect for me!

2. For cameras that can capture my life much better than words can

and last but certainly not least...

1. roadtrips. the more impromptu, the bettah!

what are YOU thankful for today?

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