Austin is Four Months Old!!

Mistah Bugsy,

I shouldn't be surprised, but I am [as per usual]. You are my big four month old boy! I feel like you've been here forever, but I can also see how empty life was before you got here. You truly are a loved little baby boy. Anyone who meets you falls in love instantly. You have this way of drawing in even the strangest of strangers. But I've realized you're a tentative little guy. You're not really afraid of new people, but you are curious about the people around you. When it's someone you don't instantly recognize [pretty much anyone other than mommy/daddy/ the babysitters], you study their faces. You get your mean-mug on and just stare.  Once you decide they're decent and are allowed in your presence, you welcome them in with those gummy grins and giggles of yours. It's really cute to watch.

We've stopped going to your well-baby checkups because, well baby...YOU ARE! There's nothing that they do there that we can't do here. Since we're not vaccinating your for a little while, it's more of a hassle than a convenience. We weighed you a few days before your 4months bday and you were 14.2lbs. FOURTEEN POINT TWO POUNDS bubbah! Whew..you're tripling your birth weight already? Geez.. You're still long as ever, we don't know the exact length, but I guess you're 2ft long now. Breastmilk rocks.

Speaking of which..you still nurse well. We've gotten into a pretty good routine here. You prefer the right breast for sure, and shh! don't tell, but Mommy likes that one too. lol. It just feels better. Funny, that was the one side we had issues with at first. Remember?! Probably not... I realized that some of the babysitters were overfeeding you. I'd send 12oz with you at 7am and you slept most of the morning, but somehow you ran out of milk as I pulled up at 3pm. If I know you, you probably weren't awake and hungry until 10 or 11 so you should've only eaten twice MAYBE three times before I got there. Eh..whatev. I've now started giving set times that you eat when we're separated. It's working well so far!

You still prefer sleeping on your tummy, but every now and then you'll sleep on your back. When you're in bed with mom/dad you sleep on your back now! It's great. I don't wake up in panic mode anymore. But naptimes are still tummy time. With me, you're taking naps downstairs on the playmat now which is great because you wake up and roll over [if you're on your side] and play with your toys. Plus, mom can watch you! You take roughly 2 naps during the day and sleep pretty well during the night. Sometimes you'll go to bed before us in your crib but more often than not you'll doze off next to mom in our bed! I feel more rested so cosleeping is working out again.

As for being mobile...not yet. Yesterday I was convinced you were about to crawl after your nap because you positioned yourself just so, but you laid your head down and then called out for us. So now crawling yet. You hate tummy times other than naptime. lol But you LOVE standing up and sitting in your bumbo still. You are grabbing for things and toys so that's great, but you're not very interested in them for very long.

You've also started doing this very loud screaming thing. We'll play games and you'll giggle but then let out this super crazy scream/wail combo thingy. It's hilarious!! And you keep doing it when you realize how funny it is! I've gotta get it on camera!

You're our bundle of joy bubbah and you have the most nicknames of any baby I know. Keep being awesome. We love you.


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