Finally, after a three week hiatus...I went to the gym.

And I ran. I ran hard. It might not seem hard to anyone else, but to me it was intense. Here's what I did.

time - speed - incline
15 min walk - 2.8- 1% incline.
5 min run - 4.5 -1% incl.
2 min walk - 2.8 - 1% incl.
4 min run - 4.5 - 1 % incl.
2 min walk - 3.0 - 5% incl.
2 min run - 4.5 - 5% incl.

I stepped off that treadmill and pretty much died a little bit. lol. but it feels good to ease myself back into it after taking time off. my ankle is hurting bad though. lesson learned: don't wear cheer shoes instead of your running shoes when working out. I was going to lift weights too, but I was hurting so I came home.

And I finished my night on a healthy note. I came home and started dinner and noshed on half an avocado and a small burrito. We had a nice chicken, pasta and broccoli dish and salad for dinner [w/ light dressing]. And now I'm eating a half a cup of yogurt with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries for a snack. It's in a wine goblet so I feel glamorous! lol 

Well...I'm happy I'm getting back on track. This sweat feels good.

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