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This is my makeup for McFatty Monday this week. I think this last week was a good one, as far as exercising goes. I didn't run as much as I wanted to, but maybe I didn't run because some days I just didn't WANT to. Which reminds me, I'm getting my thyroid checked in a week and a half because I wonder if there's an imbalance going on, therefore making me exhausted. I'm getting PLENTY of sleep and I'm not consuming horrible foods that induce a food-coma [like McDonalds]. And according to the THREE pregnancy tests I took this past week, I am NOT pregnant. [thank God for small miracles, right?] So I just don't know what's up. Well holy rabbit hole.....

I ran a few times at the gym and even lifted once. Last Wednesday before cheer practice, I ran a mile in 10 minutes [which was also the longest I've run without needing to stop since starting this running thang. PRs ROCK.] Then I proceeded to do strength training for my lower body. During practice, we stunted our booties off. Meaning, I was throwing girls in the air left and right for about three hours. THAT, my friends, was fantastic. 

My body has been super sore this entire week so I know it was getting a good workout in. I just wonder why the number on the scale isn't reflecting that. It boggles the mind! Oh well. I'm not going to fret about it. I'm going to just STEP UP THE GAME and get back to it. Since I've started this thing [6 weeks ago]--from my heaviest weight to my current weight of today-- I've lost 7.8 lbs. THAT, is something to celebrate. It hasn't been "water-weight" or anything that has fluctuated. It's been REAL. POUNDAGE. 
This is the absolute first time that I have lost weight in a HEALTHY manner. No starving myself, no puking my food up...because YES, I used to do those things. This shows me that I CAN do it. I can live be fit and eat the foods that make me happy. And who knew that healthier options could make me happy?! Yes, I still indulge and I'll have a soda here and there--[ that is my next goal...to eliminate sodas! ...again.] but they don't satisfy me the way they used to and I'll usually double up the amount of water I drink after. Like, one soda equals two large glasses of water. Make sense? 

So while I may not celebrate the weigh-in portion of this week, I'm going to kick up my heels, hoot 'n holler, and maybe even do a little diddy to celebrate the fact that I have done well over the last month and a half both with weight loss and fitness overall. [going from a girl who couldn't even run to the mailbox to running ten minutes straight with little difficulty...i think that's fan-friggin-tastic]. 

What setbacks/disappointments have YOU encountered? And more importantly, how FAR have YOU come! Let's celebrate!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Following you back!

    I've been having my own fitness struggles...right now my biggest struggle is not being able to exercise due to too weight but needing to exercise to lose weight. So frustrating!

  2. I feel ya! I wanted to do Insanity, but my fitness level isn't where I wanted it to be so I'm trying to work on long periods of cardio before I go back to it! We should be buddies..seeing as how we live near the same area!!! :D


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