i have one minute before i'm REQUIRED to leave the comp...

okay. so quickly- i must say. HEEEEEEY!

the hubs called from work, yet again, and upon realizing i had free time suggested i get to laundry.

OH NO HE DIDN'T. [yes he did. but this isn't my ONHD post...lol]

so. i promise to write. i just need to DO something first.

xoXo. tata for now.


  1. Too funny! Gotta love those men that know what we should be doing with our free time - huh? :) Found your blog from Bloggy Moms. Glad I did - I'm your newest follower. You are too funny! :) Can't wait to read more!
    BTW - your little one is so adorable! Just had to say that!
    When you get a chance - come check me out at www.StanwoodPlaySchool.com
    Oh yeah - and I came over because you asked about having a button made. I am not a professional - but I made mine and could at least make one for you to look at if you like. Obviously for no charge - it would be good practice for me. And no obligation to actually use it either. Let me know!

  2. nothin to add in regards to the post, but have you checked out this blogger?


    she's on joint base lewis-mcchord. she's pretty funny. thought you might like her.


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