What did the Mama tomato say to the baby tomato? KETCHUP!!

I THINK the joke goes that way. I don't really know. lol Why is it that anytime I actually TRY to be funny, it never works out? Meh.

In any case, it's time to catch-up! Where have *I* been all weekend, you ask? Working my happy butt off. LITERALLY. I've been on the go since Friday morning. Doing what? Welllllp. I had to work Friday afternoon/evening. I soooo didn't want to go back, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I gotta make money, honey. I worked from 12-6:30, which meant I was away from home from 10-8:30. Gotta love that commute, eh?  I got home and ate dinner [which the hubs and I cooked together. let's get a collective, "awwwww" going.] and then I crashed. The kiddo was fast asleep shortly after a quick bath with mommy. Gotta love it.

Saturday morning came and I got up and dressed then woke the hubs and kidlet so they could accompany me into downtown seatown and kick it with me at work. [run-on, much?] I love it when they come to work with me. My customers do as well!! They love fawning all over the babe and seeing him grow and develop. They're always asking about him so it's nice when I can say, "well he's right over THERE!" lol. The only downside to them being there was that I was horribly distracted by Austin's fussiness. He was SO. FUSSY. [has been all weekend actually] I couldn't concentrate halfway through the morning. Thankfully, I was able to step out a few times and just feed him in the back. And because breastfeeding works on "supply and demand", I'm sure I confused the HECK outta my boobies. I'd nurse him for a few minutes, then go on my pump break at my normal times, then nurse him again..*whew*. I definitely had a crazy morning.

After work, we went home for a few. I had just enough time to shower, shave, get dressed and bounce out the door to my football game. GO COLTS! It didn't matter though, I had a KILLER allergy attack and was pretty miserable the entire time. But we won, so yah us. And our halftime routine went off without a hitch. OH- did I mention that I dropped my girl, Nani, during our stunt? Yeaaaaaaa. I was embarassed. I was basing her in a one man stunt

 and she's not comfortable coming down this way [see dismounts/pop cradle] with just one base, so she wanted us to walk her off, but no one was helping and my bad leg was throbbing and about to give out so I yelled that I was popping her off and did so and she landed then slipped and fell on her elbow. I felt like a jerk, for. REAL.

btw: check out this wicked cool site for common cheer terms. wicked.

I didn't get home from the game until around midnight and I CRASHED when I got in. Austin was asleep so I read Twilight in the bathtub and then pumped out a full 9oz bottle [geez..] and went to bed. Today was had a photoshoot with a new friend, Olivia Voss. She's breaking out and starting her own photography business and contacted us for a shoot for her porfolio. Of course I said YES! We were about to schedule a shoot for his 4month photos anyway, so it worked perfectly. We went out to the Seattle Arboretum and spent a few hours taking pictures of mister A. It was fun, until he got FUSSY. grrr....but I'm happy with how it turned out. I can't wait to see them and what she does with them!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Check out her work! GO HERE NOW!

And now you have been caught up on my weekend! What did YOU do this weekend?


  1. LOL. Definitely not as much as you! Wow! You got such a busy life. Me? I was hit by the lazy butt train & didnt do much :o)

  2. Great blog, love the pics on the sidebar of your little one "aging."

    Sandie lee


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