Before I kick the bucket...

I don't think I've ever made a list [you know, written out] of the things I'd like to accomplish before "kicking the bucket". There are many things I'd like to do. I consider myself a jack of all trades...master at a few. hehe So without further ado....[numbered, but not in any particular order]

Before I kick the bucket, I'd like to...

100. Skydive [even though I'm deathly afraid of heights]
99. Make Ratatouille and Chicken Cordon Bleu from scratch
98. Take an art class and draw a live nude person
97. Learn how to professionally cut and style hair
96. Become a lay nurse midwife or doula
95. Get my Masters degree
94. Then get my PhD
93. Re-acquaint myself with the violin
92. Write a song for my child[ren]
91. Perform at Madison Square Garden even if there's one person there
90. Do a "Rocky" and run up some stairs
89. Get a bunch of people and randomly break into a choreographed song and dance routine
88. Drive a race car really really fast
87. Swim with dolphins
86. Run a race or marathon
85. Learn more about politics
84. Learn the guitar
83. Do a backflip unassisted
82. Own a vacation home on a beach somewhere
81. Travel overseas just because I've always said I'd never do it
80. Never mow a lawn
79. Finish my novel
78. Have that novel then published
77. Kiss Justin Timberlake AND Channing Tatum like I mean it
76. Be a great mom and grandmother
75. Take a solo vacation
74. Ride a horse
73. Take a family vacation to Atlantis [but really, the vacation resort]
72. Be an elementary school music teacher
71. Fly in a cheerleading stunt
70. Take pictures of strange people and strange places
69. Have 100 followers on my blog
68. Have my kids think I'm the coolest mom ever
67. Impregnate my dog and assist in her delivery of those puppies
66. Light a match without chickening out at the last minute
65. Run through a field of wheat and or flowers and sing songs from Beauty and the Beast and Gone  
     With The Wind
64. Write an for Cosmo
63. Star in a reality TV series
62. Attend a blogging convention
61. Fly first class overseas
60. Swim further in the ocean than I've gone to date
59. Open my own coffee shop
58. Find my forever home on the first try
57. Swim in the deepest pool ever
56. Make a quilt
55. Go to the Kentucky Derby in my finest Derby-wear
54. Inspire someone through music
53. Write poetry without feeling like a loser
52. Get out of debt
51. Lie on the grass with my husband and kids and pick out the shapes of the clouds
50. Become a homemaker
49. Go on the honeymoon we never had
48. Plant a garden without freaking out about bugs
47. Own at least one designer handbag, pair of designer shoes, and designer dress.
46. Walk a red carpet
45. Own my dream car, whatever it may be
44. Spend money with reckless abandon
43. Go skinny dipping
42. Have long natural hair
41. Live healthy
40. Go on a trip with my best friends
39. Tell my grandchildren and great grandchildren that I love them
38. Successfully paint the nails on my right hand
37. Get more things done
36. Get down to my "happy weight" and stay there
35. Have more kids
34. Shave all of my hair off
33. Make sure my husband stays in love with me
32. Print out my blogs and give them to my kids when they reach their teenage years
31. Live without fear
30. Increase my faith and dependency on Christ
29. Learn to stack cups
28. Eat an egg and down it with a glass of milk..even if it makes me throw up
27. Forever rid myself of allergies and hay fever
26. Never break a bone
25. Kiss my husband in the rain
24. Be funny on purpose
23. Visit the White House
22. Star in a commercial
21. Get into a bar fight
20. Not be afraid of the dark
19. Go backstage during a Broadway play
18. Say what I think all the time
17. Get a pedicure without laughing
16. Move to the country and eat a lot of peaches
15. Start a project and finish it
14. Play a video game without getting bored
13. Look at the stars through a big telescope
12. Visit Area 51
11. Do a pull up
10. Surf
9. Participate in a spelling bee
8. Take a cooking course
7. Bake a cake from scratch using no measuring tools
6. Create a loving environment in my home
5. Be in a tabloid magazine
4. Get rid of my acne
3. Go camping
2. Visit a site of a sinkhole
1. Be awesome in every sense of the word...well that's one down. 99 more to go. hehe

What are a few interesting things on YOUR bucket list?


  1. On #12... I live way closer to Area 51 than you and I still haven't gone! But on the plus side I can watch the unmarked white planes that go to Area 51 take off from our airport out of the JANET terminal (Just Another Non Existent Terminal).

    On #93 - you play(ed)? I have played the violin since I was 9... you should totally pick it up again! When was the last time you played?

    #69 - You are well on your way! I see new followers every week! Great job!

  2. #12- I drove through Roswell and was super freaked when OUT OF NOWHERE a convoy of black hummers sped past us and down a dirt road that appeared out of nowhere

    #93- i've played for over 10 years. but haven't picked it up in like 3 years. lol I can still play..just not as good as before. I was once in the Youth Symphony in my hometown

    #69- i love all of my new followers! they make me happy. :)

  3. eighty-nine, they call them flash mobs. check out youtube they're hysterical

  4. 89 sounds way fun... I just saw some on youtube recentl- hilarious!

    Re: the violin, too bad we dont live closer or we could totally do some cool duets!


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