I'm sitting here crying like a little baby and feeling a little foolish. I just watched Army Wives, without the husband, and the men are deploying. I've yet to deal with a deployment and I can't possibly understand how that separation must feel. Charlie and I started out in two different states and that was hard enough. When he has CQ, I'm a wreck. People say I'd be able to deal with it, but I really don't see how.

I hate that the man I love belongs to someone else. And whenever they decide, they can take him away from our little family. I consider myself blessed that he is in a medical position and wouldn't be on the front line like so many men I know. But the fact that he could be out there, away from home, in dangerous territory...for such a long time...ugh.

I truly am thankful to anyone and everyone that has served over there. Especially the wives/husbands and especially the children. I don't understand the pain but I can empathize with you.

And I really need to stop crying. How in the world am I going to watch this with him sitting next to me?!

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  1. hey i saw you commented on misadventures of an army wife's blog post about the restaurant. and i recognized your name and think we have some real life mutual friends. at least mutual fb friends lol.


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