Getting My Way

I don't consider myself a selfish person. True, I get my way most, if not all, of the time. But usually what I want isn't stretching it too far. Or maybe it is? I don't really know. I do know that I have a great family, great friends, and a husband who [when he isn't a douchenozzle...because he can be] is willing to give me anything. I nicknamed him Mister No because he's always telling me no. For example: Yesterday we went shopping for his birthday. I reasoned that yes, this trip was for him...but if I saw something I liked- I wanted it. We were going to my all-time favorite store, Forever 21. And at Southcenter Mall, it's friggin 2 stories.

Two stories of gloriousness.

I'm not a shopper. I actually hate it. But I can spend hours upon hours at this location. Really. Two stories, friends. Count 'em...one. two.

So the hubbin did his shopping thing and I was super supportive. I wanted to run away from the men's section and just browse all the racks of brightly colored clothes. I even saw a new plus sized section, Faith, and they had SKINNY JEANS. And if that doesn't make you feel a little giddy for me...they didn't have my size. Why is that good news? Well..pssh. beCAUSE...a few weeks ago, I'd fit perfectly into their smallest size jeans. But NOW...I'm back on the big end of the normal size clothes. lol. *happy dance* Yea..it feels good. Going from 14s to 10s [and sometimes 12s] may not seem like a lot..but when your pants are on the ground, you start to take notice.

In any case...back to what I was saying.

While he was doing his thang, I wandered around the section and stumbled upon a great hat. My IPhone camera took us by surprise...


I wasn't too thrilled, but I was inspired. I kept wandering around trying to avoid how hipster most of the clothes were because my hubs is NOT a hipster. I will never allow him to wear skinny jeans, even if he begged. Which he wouldn't, thank Gawd. lol And I stumbled upon another hat! It was soooo cute. Kinda reminds me of this swoon-worthy man. [you swooned, right?] So that would be what I'd buy for myself.

Oh, but that was before I came across this cute green top that I can't find a picture of on the website! Grr.  But trust me..it's cute. So I added that to the pile. I was still under $20. [See why I love Forever 21!?]. 

Oh but THEN...I saw the most beautiful bag ever. 

I need big bags. I need bags that are multifunctional. I need to be able to stash a book, my phone, my keys, my headphones, my wallet, maybe a water bottle and a snack in there. And that was all pre-Austin. NOW-I need to fit all of that and some diapers and wipes in there. Maybe a change of clothes, too. That being said...this bag may not make anyone ELSE drool. But for a girl who doesn't do really do purses and isn't too big on shopping...this bag made my heart flutter.

cute, right?

So what's a girl to do? The hubs has staked claim to three items that he desperately wants. I already have two and just can't seem to put any of them away. Pssh- super cute hat? super super cute shirt that matches super cute hat? but the BAG! *le sigh* I asked Mister No and he said...oh right. You guessed it. NO. I said please. He said NO. We went downstairs and got into the checkout line and I asked again. What do you think he said?

Well the darn thing didn't even have a price tag so I sweetly asked if I could inquire about the price. He said sure. [SWEET!] I had to run back up the stairs [two glorious floors, guys!] and grab the bag off the display and then back down the stairs [two floors of greatness] to the cashier. After what seemed like eternity, he was able to find the price of the bag. So cheap, considering how much use it would get in my possession. Hubs remained firm on NO. I kissed him, I hugged him. I batted my eyelashes. 

Then I offered to pay for it myself. Surprise, surprise..he said YES.

And this is all a really long way of telling you all that yesterday I got a FAB hat, a sweet shirt, and a really super cute bag that will be used so much it'll be screaming when I retire it. 

my super cute hat.

and my super cute hat again.

Anyone else have tactics they use on their husband? Or am I the only one who does this? 
Should I feel bad? What frivolous things do you compromise on?



  1. LOL...I just use my pout face (which my hubby hates). Thats not sneaky at all right?

  2. ha, I have tons of sneaky looks. Plus, I've got something for you. Come see?



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