oh my WOW.


It's been three days, my lovelies! Can you believe it? I'm so so so so sorry. I promise to never leave you hanging like that again. But what could I possibly have to blog about if I'm not out there living it, right? Am I right or am I right? Pssh. Of COURSE I'm right.

So what's been new? What's on the haps?

I've got a TON of blogs to go through tonight. I'm mucho excited-o about that. I love reading all of your blogs. You're my fwiends. And I live through you. I nod along, cry along, smile along, laugh out loud along [is that even legit to say?] and you make me feel more normal. Because throwing yourself into Mommyhood is something along the lines of insanity!

I've also got a ton of blogs to write! Just a teaser for the next few blogs: farmer's market & army wife adventures, working the 'spresso machine and hanging with "them nuc. med boys", and charlie's birthday extravangza. Oh and yea, Austin has been five months old for a week now...get on that letter/update mama!

I wish I could be more like the bloggers that write blogs ahead of time and schedule them to post later. lol But I can barely think about what I'm doing tomorrow let alone write a weeks worth of blogs. 

'til later loves.


  1. Man, I know what you mean. I don't schedule posts either. Can't wait to see what your weeks have been like.

  2. Your blog is so fun to read :) I love your writing style!

  3. We are all allowed a break... but can you put in an absence request form next time please!!! lol!

    Love your blog!


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