Blog Bash Challenge #5

The fifth challenge of the Blog Bash is to write about mi madre. Anything I want, the sky is the limit. Just write about the woman who birthed me.

Hmm. Okay. Here we go.

this is my mom.

i think she's beautiful.
i love her LOTS.
even when she drives me crazy.
-which is often-

My mom had me at the same age I had Austin. No, it wasn't planned that way, but I'm glad it happened that way. I love that my mom was young when she decided to have kids. Truth be told, she had a total of five babies and only two of us survived [go me and sissy!] Having a young mom was cool. She played with us, wrestled with us, took us to do things...she was a lot of fun. We were always doing things. She was involved in theatre for a good portion of our childhood so we spent that time backstage or even onstage with her. It was nice growing up "cultured".

One thing I'll never forget is what she would do during car rides. lol. She would always do this randomly, You'd never know when she would do it. We'd be riding along, having a good time...maybe singing along with the radio when she'd let out this ear-piercing, gut-wrenching scream. It'd come out of nowhere!!! It'd scare the bageezus out of my sister and I, but it always made us laugh. 

Sometimes during church, she'd play dots or tic-tac-toe or hangman with us when we got bored during the sermon. She loves slurpees so we'd get them often. For the longest time, I think I was in my pre-teens when we stopped, all three of us would fit into the bathtub. lol. My mom in the back, my sister in the middle, and me in the front. My mom LOVES baths. I think she passed that down to me. That, and her love of romance novels. Whereas she lives for the Fabio-covered ones, I love the contemporary, set-in-now-time ones. And she loves a good water balloon fight too!

We butt heads a lot and I think that's because we're so much alike. We're both stubborn to the core and we can be drama queens when we want to. I'd call us spoiled, but no one actively "spoils" us...we usually get our way by slight manipulation. [boob flashes, smiles, batty eyes, extreme promises of servitude, etc] Every time I fight with her, part of me dies a little bit... I think. I hate fighting with her and I wish she'd sometimes see my point of view on things.

I cherish all of the times we've laughed, cried, or sang a song together. I wouldn't call her my best friend because I have more respect for her. She's my hero. I may not agree with all of her life choices and may cringe at times in regards to her, but I really do look up to her. She's sacrificed a lot for my sister and I and she really didn't have to. She could've left if she wanted, but she did was she had to do to make sure her girls were taken care of. Including marrying a fantastic guy, my step dad. [Thanks mom.] I know I don't say it nearly enough, but I love you mama. ♥

circa 2007



  1. Moms are awesome, and yours sounds great. You dont fully understand the sacrifices they made for us until you are a mom too! You mom sounds like a lot of fun and the screaming in the car thing seriously cracked me up!

  2. Your mom sounds great! I think all moms are given the ability to drive their kids crazy at the hospital. I know my mom has the knack.

  3. Your mom sounds awesome! Writing something like this for her while she's still around to appreciate it is a great thing. We sure love hearing how much we're loved and appreciated. I can't wait til my children are old enough to really see things from my perspective and appreciate all the sacrifices I've made in the name of motherly love. Fantastic post Kiranda!
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud


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