Blog Bash Challenge #4!

Blog Bash

Today's Challenge #4 is:
Write up a post featuring the new friends you have found via the Blog Bash. With over 150 link ups it's almost impossible to get through them all but has been done, so through this, you are going to lead your new friends to other friends you have found. It's like a big ol' pot of blog friendships!!!

I admit, I haven't made too many friends via the blog bash, though I have made a few. So I'll just highlight the latest friends I've made. Just a few of the bloggers I think you should walk, no, run to! Get to clickin' people!!!

This powerful eighteen year old is the inspiration/brains behind this awesomeness. Really, she is fantastic! I had the same ambition when I was her age, I just never got around to it. She's all that and more! GO!

 We've just happened upon each other and her blog is supercute! LOVE the design, like WOAH. She's a lot of fun to read and I haven't heard it yet, but word is she's an amazing singer. I think we'll get along because if you didn't know...I'm a musician as well. LOVE IT. Wanna know why she's called Neuff? GO AND FIGURE IT OUT LAZY.

Wanna read about 3 cute kids, attachment parenting, and just general awesomeness all on a super cute background. GO. Trust me, you'll like it!

I absolutely love when her blog shows up in my feed. It's always interesting and really the blog is fan-friggin-tastic! Go read about her recent run in with a spider. [PS. She handled it a lot better than I would've].

Those are merely just a few of the awesome bloggers participating in the Blog Bash! If you want to know more, go HERE. And I don't think it's too late to join up! Get in on it!



  1. Hey girlie! Thanks for the mention! Don't ya just love MommaPebz? She's awesome! I'm gonna go check out the Neuff in a sec!
    Hope u have a great weekend.

  2. Ok well I am ridiculously lame. I dont get it.. I mean I dont get how the thing works, and i find it all confusing. maybe because i do this at night after the kids are in bed. I can see the jump in your followers and I wish I could make that jump. But like I said... i just dont get it. what/where is linky-thingy? how does it work with people reading your intro post other than your own readers? gah i am getting frustrated just thinking about it!

  3. lol. i was the same way at first. if you go to her blog you can see each of the challenges and then there's a linky at the end of each post so you can check out the challenge and then read others who've linked up. does that make sense mama

  4. You're so sweet! Thanks for your kind words! :D


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