Fashionably Late to the Bash!

I'm fashionably late for the other posts in the bash, but I'm going to make it up! So just consider this Day #2, mmk?

Day #2 of Blog Bash: BRING IT BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL, y'all.

I'm supposed to talk about my high school years. I don't think many people had high school experiences like I did. I wasn't someone who hated my life, hated other people or didn't want to be there. I actually *gasp* LIKED high school. I liked the people, the clubs, the teachers, the sports...all of it.

I went into high school as a cheerleader. On my first day of school as a sophomore, I had to wear my cheerleading uniform so everybody knew I was one of "those" girls. *shrugs* Despite being a cheerleader, I hung out with everyone. I also played the violin and sang so I hung with the orchestra and choir people. And all throughout the years I made friends with everyone from theatre to debate to FBLA to jocks to goths. I had acquaintances all over the place.

In my sophomore year, I had a long-distance relationship with my first real serious boyfriend/first love Chris. Though the relationship only lasted the better part of 8 months, I had never felt that love before. It was intense. Sadly, I also developed an eating disorder at that point. I was anorexic/bulimic. I wouldn't eat, but when I would I'd throw it back up. This all started because I'd send him pictures and he's go back and forth between "you look too skinny, gain some weight" then "you look too fat, lose some weight". It was horrible. It took me 5 years to get over it.

I never really dated guys in high school. I had two boyfriends during high school. Chris and then I dated Curtis [who was 21] for 2 years. I did have other *ahem* encounters with boys though. Nothing "major" because I was a prude. The boys called me a tease. I partied a TON during my freshman/sophomore year. I drank a lot and did things my parents would be horrified of if they knew, but I was still a "good girl". I was always responsible about it. I never did drugs because I had an uncle who did them and I thought it was just unproductive. The summer before my junior year was when I met Curtis and that's when I also got serious about not partying anymore. I was worried about breaking the Pride Code and getting caught, so I stopped hanging out with the bad influences and just spent more time with my boyfriend.

I forget what year, but I was nominated for Homecoming queen. I didn't win, but it was cool to be nominated. During my junior year, I started competing for the Spokane Lilac Royal Court. Surprisingly, I was the 7th princess picked!

The pic is tiny, but that's me!

My "reign" was during my senior year. That was a lot of fun. I got to do a lot of really cool stuff, meet a lot of cool people, and I got to ride on a float during many parades during the year of 2005. How many people can say they were a friggin princess, huh?!

That was also the year that I ran for and was voted ASB Activities Coordinator. Talk about AWESOME! I helped plan and facilitate every event that went on at our school that year. It was sooooo cool. During the elections, this girl who'd transferred in from our rival school [U-High] ran against me when she saw that no one was running against me. She got up and in her speech mentioned where she came from and everyone started boo-ing her. lol BIG MISTAKE. When I got up, everyone went WILD. It was great. I'm glad I'd made so many friends over the years! 

Here's a few pictures from my senior year:


The first was one of my senior pics. Look at how AWESOME my body was! *sniff* hindsight...
And the second was on our way to prom. I shook up tradition a bit and went in a short dress.

Basically...high school ROCKED. And for years I would've done anything to go back. But I'm glad that I'm not there anymore. Life as an adult, while it has it's downs sometimes...is SOOO much cooler. And the self-esteem I've developed since then is amazing.

What was high school like for you?!


  1. Ok yeah I would love to have you r body now lol... let alone then.. Love those pics you are gorgeous

  2. :D thanks girl. i'm working hard to get back to that body now. only 30lbs to go...eek.


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