Happy Birthday Hubbin.

So the hubs birthday is coming up [July 18th]. I have NO idea what to get him. Our dog, Tucker, ran away a few weeks ago and Charlie's been super upset about the whole deal. Tuck was his dog [since Princess is mine] and I've heard him going around talking about how depressed he is that his dog ran away. One of his coworkers/friends has two dogs that got it on doggy style [literally] and ended up having puppies. The puppies are purebred min pins and I've seen them since they were tiny tiny! They're friggin adorable.

A few weekends ago I picked up a few of them and just LOVED the dogs. I kept begging hubs for one. I'm just a sucker for puppies. As usual, hubs said NO. lol I'm nicknaming him Mister NO because he loves to tell me that. Anyway...I laid it to rest without much of a fight.

Well the friend just sent me a text message asking if we'd like a puppy to surprise Charlie for his birthday. Here's the great part- the puppy would be FREE. Did I mention that FREE was my favorite number? Because it is. So how great is that? I get the puppy I want and hubbers can stop being depressed about the whole Tucker-running-away-thing ALL FOR FREE. I'm not saying that another dog would replace Tucker because I just loved my little puppo. He was adorable even if he was slightly annoying. lol

Oh and for more icing on the cake: Princess is 1/2 min-pin. I love it. ♥

Here's a pic of the newest member to be.


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  1. AW How adorable is that faceeeee.. I would have snatched on up too they are so cute..


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