I Suppose I Deserved That..

In the mornings, Austin usually wakes me up  by kicking my stomach/legs and grunting. It's very annoying, but oh well. Most times he's just hungry or wanting to nurse so I give him some boobie and he goes back to sleep. What ends up happening when the sun is bright and he's just ready to get up is that I spend at least fifteen minutes in denial and keep giving him the boob hoping he'll just go back to sleep. Today was no different.

So we came downstairs and I changed his diaper and put on a fresh onesie and nursed him since he was reaching for it. All was well.

Then I picked him up and jostled him, forgetting that his belly was indeed VERY full from the many snacks and the meal....

And while leaning in for a kiss, he spits up in my mouth and all down the front of my shirt and leggings.

I suppose I deserved that...


  1. OHHh yuck although it is at least natural stuff and not formula. That makes for some NASTY spit up trust me

  2. AHAHHAHAH the joys of motherhood!! LOL LOL ahh that cracked me up!

  3. Dont mean to laugh but....teehee...hahaha. Ahem. Sorry. :o)


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